Fast Track Resolutions

We put in place a new Fast Track system to help deal with complaints more quickly when both the complainant and producer involved in a complaint agree.

Previously, all complaints to the Portman Group were considered by a full Panel investigation even when a clear precedent existed and the breach was clear-cut. With the aim of resolving complaints more quickly and focusing on those cases that require full Panel consideration, (often because they would set new precedents), we introduced a Fast Track process. 

We will seek to resolve cases on a Fast Track basis in the first instance. Fast Track provides an opportunity for a producer to take responsibility for their product/ promotion if they agree that it is problematic under the Code. The producer is given the chance to present their case to the Chair of the Panel and, with agreement from both parties, they must agree to take appropriate remedial action to address the issue.


Producer Name: Heineken
Category of Complainant: NGO
Resolved: September 2015
Type of Activity: Packaging and point-of-sale 

Producer Name: William Grant & Sons
Category of Complainant: NGO
Resolved: June 2015
Type of Activity: Packaging

Producer Name: Mahou San Miguel
Category of Complainant: Member of Public
Resolved: May 2014
Type of Activity: Packaging