Naming, Packaging and Promotion Complaint

Please note that complaints received before 23 September 2019 will be considered under the Fifth Edition of the Portman Group’s Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks and the First Edition of the Alcohol Sponsorship Code.

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3.1 Not obviously alcoholic
3.2(a) Emphasises high strength
3.2(b) Aggressive/ dangerous behaviour
3.2(c) Links to illicit drugs
3.2(d) Sexual success/activity
3.2(e) Suggests popularity
3.2(f) Irresponsible/ immoderate drinking
3.2(g) Down-in-one drinking
3.2(h) Appeal to under 18s
3.2(i) Features under 25s
3.2(j) Enhanced capabilities/ relaxation

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