Retailer Alert Bulletins

In the event that a company's packaging or promotion is found in breach of the Code, the Code Secretariat may notify retailers of the decision taken by the Independent Complaints Panel and request them not to replenish stocks or point-of-sale material of the product in question. This communication is called a Retailer Alert Bulletin (RAB).

If a retailer continues to stock a product or display point-of-sale material which has been found in breach of the Code, the Code Secretariat may notify the relevant licensing authority. The Portman Group may also notify the Government, trading standards officers and the media about a retailer’s failure to support the decision of the Panel.

Retailer Alert Bulletins:

Cronk Y Voddy - October 2018

Easy IPA - October 2018

Slingshots - September 2018

Collagin - August 2017

Psy.cho Beer Range - November 2016

Mmwah 5 X 20ml Bottles Mixed Flavour Alcoholic Drinks - January 2016

Skol Super 500ml Can - January 2015

Kestrel Super Premium Lager 500ml - January 2015

Carlsberg Special Brew 500ml Can - January 2015

Tennent’s Super 500ml Can - July 2014

Various Direct Beers Ltd Products - July 2014

Pernod - July 2014

Dead Pony Club - April 2014

Red Army - April 2014

Four Loko - February 2014

Laverstoke Park Farm Ale and Lager - April 2013

Crunk Juice / Suck & Blow - January 2012