Department of Health and Social Care Low Alcohol Descriptors Consultation


The Government is currently consulting on how best to continue to communicate information to the public about low alcohol drinks, so that adults can make informed choices when they purchase drinks, including alcohol. Amongst other things, Government is seeking views on the current low alcohol descriptors:

  • Low alcohol – product must be 1.2% ABV or below;
  • Non-alcoholic – cannot be used in conjunction with a name associated with an alcoholic drink except for communion or sacramental wine;
  • Alcohol free – product must be 0.05% abv or below;
  • De-alcoholised – product must be 0.5% abv or lower.

The four descriptors have been in use since 1996, and are widely used on low alcohol products. The Government sees an opportunity to consider if such descriptors still resonate with the public and industry.

To respond to the Department of Health’s consultation on Low Alcohol Descriptors please click here.