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New CPD Accredited Training For Alcohol Marketers


The Portman Group has launched the industry’s first Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified Alcohol Marketing Accreditation (AMA) for alcohol producers and their brand teams and ... Read more

Portman Group Statement on New Alcohol Guidelines


Responding to the UK Chief Medical Officers, Alcohol Guidelines Review, Henry Ashworth, Chief Executive, Portman Group said: “The vast majority of us - more than four in five adults – drink... Read more

Valentine’s Day Advice


Happy…Valentine’s Day? Christmas may be just around the corner but marketing teams are already focused on next year. Seasonal marketing campaigns provide an opportunity to offer ‘limited... Read more

Alcohol and ethnicity in Britain


Looking at the most recent government statistics there is a clear trend evident among young people away from immoderate and harmful drinking. Underage drinking has dropped 36% since 2003, bi... Read more

Working in partnership to improve public health: the success of the last five years


Britain is changing its relationship with alcohol for the better. Official government statistics show that over the last five years there have been significant and sustained declines in und... Read more

Trends in UK alcohol-related statistics since 2010


Alcohol is rarely far from the news headlines, but with the increasing speed with which news stories are disseminated it is worth taking time to reflect on what official national statistics ... Read more

Alcohol Marketing Regulation Report 2013/2014


It’s over 25 years since the Portman Group was founded and we are working harder than ever to maintain world class standards in alcohol marketing. In the eighteen months covered by this repo... Read more

Behind the Headlines: Coverage of the latest OECD report


This week the OECD published a major report that explored trends in drinking among a number of OECD and partner nations. The analysis ran a computer simulation to model the cost-effectivene... Read more

Independent Complaints Panel: Latest Rulings


The following products and promotions have been considered by the Independent Complaints Panel, under the Portman Group’s Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic... Read more

New report highlights the importance of building partnerships with the business community


A new report by the Fabian Society, to be launched today in Parliament, recognises the effectiveness of working in partnership with the private sector Read more

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