Labelling & Consumer Information – Update for Producers


Further to our previous update, the Department of Health has published a new guidance document highlighting the elements of the UK Chief Medical Officers’ revised alcohol guidelines it suggests could be communicated to the public. Link here:

This guidance will enable us to update the advice for drinks producers in line with the industry's voluntary commitment to providing relevant consumer information. The Portman Group, in consultation with the sector trade associations for drinks producers, (BBPA, NACM, SWA and WSTA) will develop the following:

  • new best practice guidance for drinks producers on communicating relevant consumer information to replace the existing industry guidance.
  • an appropriate and realistic timetable for implementation.

Please note that as this new guidance is still under development and a realistic timescale for implementation still needs to be agreed, you do not need to make any immediate changes to your labels and the advice from the Food Standards Agency still stands:

However, if you are about to undergo a label change and want to discuss this with us please contact us via our free and confidential Advisory Service. Advice is also available from your relevant trade association.