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Alcohol companies on track to deliver health labelling pledge


According to the latest industry data, alcohol producers are on track to deliver their pledge to provide health information on 80% of alcohol labels on UK shelves by the end of December 2013... Read more

Senior appointment – independent alcohol complaints panel chair


A national recruitment campaign is underway to appoint a new Chair of the Independent Complaints Panel which rules on complaints about irresponsible alcohol marketing. Read more

Dark Conspiracy pump clips break marketing rules


A beer called Dark Conspiracy has breached alcohol responsibility rules for featuring East End gangsters, the Kray twins, on its pump clips. Read more

Vitesse Noir breaks alcohol marketing rules


A beer called Vitesse Noir has breached alcohol responsibility rules for making claims about the stimulating effects of the product on its packaging. Read more

Responsible majority must not be penalised


Responding to the Government´s Alcohol Strategy, Portman Group Chief Executive Henry Ashworth said: Read more

Two new job opportunities at Portman Group


We are looking for two exceptional people to join our team as the new Head of Policy and Press & Public Affairs Executive. Read more

Two new members appointed to independent alcohol complaints panel


The Portman Group has appointed two new members to the Independent Complaints Panel Read more

Painting doomsday scenarios won’t help reduce alcohol misuse


Responding to the latest claims on alcohol related deaths, Henry Ashworth, Chief Executive of the Portman Group, responsibility body for the UK drinks producers said: Read more

Portman Group welcomes Prime Minister´s focus on reckless minority


Commenting on David Cameron’s forthcoming speech on binge drinking, Henry Ashworth said: Read more

Healey’s texan-style hard cyder breaches responsibility code for making alcoholic strength the dominant theme


An alcohol product called Healey’s Texan-style Hard Cyder has breached alcohol responsibility rules for making alcoholic strength the dominant theme. Read more

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