The drinks industry has a strong history of partnership working with government. Combined with an effective self-regulatory system, this approach can and does ensure that the industry is committed to promoting responsible drinking and tackling the health and social harms related to alcohol misuse.

Responsibility Deal

Launched in March 2011, the Government’s Responsibility Deal, led by the Department of Health, aimed to set a framework for working with business and other organisations to improve public health.

‘Organisations signing up to the Responsibility Deal commit to taking action voluntarily to improve public health through their responsibilities as employers, as well as through their commercial actions and their community activities’ – Department of Health

All sectors of the alcohol industry, including all major producers, were committed partners of the Responsibility Deal, and former Portman Group Chief Executive, Henry Ashworth, co-chaired the Alcohol Network (RDAN).

Under the Responsibility Deal, the alcohol industry committed to deliver on a number of voluntary pledges, including increasing the health information on product labels, removing 1 billion units from the market and continuing to support both Drinkaware and a number of industry-led community schemes that tackle alcohol harms.

Key Pledges:

A1. Alcohol Labelling
A2. Awareness of Alcohol Units in the On Trade
A3. Awareness of Alcohol Units, Calories and other information in the Off Trade
A4. Tackling Under-Age Alcohol Sales
A5. Support for Drinkaware
A6. Advertising and Marketing Alcohol
A7. Community Actions to Tackle Alcohol Harms
A8. Alcohol Unit Reduction

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