Alcohol producers are committed to promoting responsible drinking, tackling health and social harms related to alcohol and improving healthier choices for consumers.

A number of producers already support the Drinkaware Trust, an independent charity dedicated to promoting responsible drinking. In addition, producers commit funding and logistical support to a number of local initiatives, Local Alcohol Partnerships, designed to tackle alcohol-related health and social harms where they are most prevalent.

Alcohol Labelling

As part of the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal, the industry committed to ensure that key health messages are included on drinks’ labels, including clear unit content, recommended daily guidelines and a warning about drinking when pregnant.

This pledge sought to increase people’s awareness and understanding of units, safe drinking guidelines and the Chief Medical Officer’s advice on drinking during pregnancy.

A target was set to ensure that 80% of on-shelf alcoholic drinks’ labels by December 2013 contained key health information. This target was met in 2014.

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Alcohol Unit Reduction

Under the Government’s Responsibility Deal, the alcohol industry pledged to remove 1 billion units of alcohol from the UK market by December 2015.

By lowering the strength of well-known brands and introducing new lower alcohol alternatives, the pledge aimed to ‘foster a culture of responsible drinking which will help people drink within guidelines’.

This pledge offered a chance to reduce the amount of alcohol people consume without reducing the number of drinks that they purchase, thus improving public health without damaging the viability of business.

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Alcohol Marketing

The Portman Group’s Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks was introduced in 1996. The Code, which is supported throughout the industry, ensures that drinks are marketed responsibly and to an adult audience only.

The Code applies to all pre-packaged alcoholic drinks and covers the drink’s naming, packaging, point-of-sale advertising, brand websites, sponsorship, branded merchandise, advertorials, press releases and sampling.

We offer a fast, free and confidential Advisory Service to companies to help producers comply with the Code.

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There are various industry training schemes that can provide extensive responsibility training, enabling sales and marketing staff to understand and promote responsible consumption and responsible drinking messages.

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