In House Seminar

The Portman Group’s free bespoke in house seminars can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific needs. 
We would recommend this training if you are new to alcohol marketing or if you have specific ideas that you would like to discuss in confidence with our team.
These sessions can be held in our London office or another convenient location across the UK.  In house seminars tend to be most useful when the group is kept between 5-30 people but we can expand this to a larger number depending on your needs. 
By completing the seminar version of our Alcohol Marketing Accreditation you will gain an understanding of:
  • Who the Portman Group are and what we do?
  • Areas that are outside of our remit and covered by the Advertising Standards Authority and Ofcom
  • The Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks
  • The Code of Practice on Alcohol Sponsorship
  • The Independent Complaints Panel and Enforcement

The above is a guide and we can tailor the seminar if you have any specific topic requests.  Completion of the training will result in the achievement of our Alcohol Marketing Accreditation and a certificate will be provided.
For more information and to book an in house seminar please contact or 020 7290 1460.